Our Story

Nardis Beach is a luxury swimwear brand created by Cristiana Carwardine. An avid traveller of the worlds most luxurious places, Cristiana derives her inspiration from discovering secret bays, secluded beaches, local markets, natural materials and artisanal craft. Nardis Beach collections are for the woman who combines high end luxury with an enthusiasm for discovery and culture, bringing together the details, textures and colours found when exploring beyond the obvious.

The name of the brand comes from the beautiful Nardis waterfalls in the Val di Genova in Italy, where Cristiana spent many holidays in her childhood. Inspired by this, the S/S 16 collection is named after the waterfall Cascata del Sasso in Italy. The collection is small and curated, yet effortlessly stylish and as always inspired by nature with a nod to the cascading waterfalls that give the collection its name. Nardis Beach swimwear is as unique as its wearer, which is why we offer a range of pieces to cater to all styles and moods. 

Nardis Beach collections draw their inspiration from travel, wanderlust and the beauty of nature. Born in the Mediterranean - with a wanderlust lifestyle, luxury beach wear with a passion for discovering the unexpected.